Clean Your Air Conditioner, Reduce Your Power Bill

Rose holding a clean air conditioner filter
Rose holding a clean air conditioner filter

Run More Efficiently, Use Less Energy

Now that Spring is here, consider getting your air conditioner ready before the Summer heat. Cleaning your machine’s filter helps make it run more efficiently and use less energy. This means lower electricity bills!
For advice on how to clean the filter, check your air conditioner’s manual. If you cannot find the manual, head to the manufacturer’s website. You should be able to download it.
If you’re an AGL customer and have trouble paying your power bill, contact YFS on 3826 1500 to make a free appointment to speak with a home energy specialist. They can help you identify where energy is being overly used in your home and offer you tips on how to use appliances efficiently. They can also help you avoid getting your energy disconnected and connect you with Queensland Government concessions and grants that you might qualify to receive.If you’re struggling financially, YFS can also help you to budget better and connect you with fairer payment plans.

A YFS financial capability worker is at the Yarrabilba Sport and Community Hub every Monday and offers free appointments. Call YFS to book yours, 3826 1500.