Is Art Your Sanctuary?

Albatross Talks About Fears And Freedoms


Google Marbling techniques, it illustrates perfectly the creative energy that emerges when opposites repel. The coloured oil paint floats and flows and creates beautiful imagery because of the nature and turbulence of the water. I don’t buy into the ‘think positive, reject negativity’ trend in new age thinking. Keep it real, shadows exist because of the light, in other words they are part of each other, they are expressions of their opposite. You might be in a situation that you cannot control, but you can control how you think and in whatever way you can, keep creating.
Remember, creating isn’t just painting pretty pictures. Life is Art and it goes through various stages and changes as we create our life the way we want it. Think of how amazing Butterfly’s wings are coming from such an ugly grub!
Many many Artists became highly successful only because Art became their sanctuary after being driven there, art became their teacher, their friend and the only place they could be themselves.
Did you know that throughout art history, women were oppressed and just used by men as domestic slaves? Girls that thought their boyfriend loved them, it started out as a relationship then… changed bit by bit, day by day until they became too scared to laugh, talk, live.
Fortunately today, women can choose not to be in relationships like this and have all the support they need if they want to get out. Call 1800 811 811 for help.
Don’t let fear hold you back, that’s just how dominating, abusive men keep you down and it’s all lies because they’re afraid you’ll wake up! If anyone tells you you’re good for nothing, that you can’t do something,
Throughout history, women had to really fight for the freedom to be Artists and many still do. Don’t take it for granted, It’s your slice of freedom! GO FOR IT! Be the person YOU want to be, do it through Art and OWN your creativity. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Stay chill my friends

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