A ‘Very Muddy’ Poetry Event

Logan Performance Bush Poets
Logan Performance Bush Poets

3 Day Muddy River Bush Poetry Competition

From Friday 11 until Sunday 13 September, the Logan Performance Bush Poets will be holding their annual three day event in Beenleigh at the Historical Village. There will be three events consisting of Classical, Modern and Original poetry with trophies, medals and good prize money awarded.
Various levels include:

1. Novice where the contestant has not won a bush poetry event yet but can refer to a poem on a sheet, performing an original or a poem written by someone else;

2. Classical which is a bush poem written before 1950 by someone else;

3. Modern which is a bush poem written by another poet since 1950; and

4. Original written by the poet. The main competition day is on Saturday 12th September starting at 9.00am.

'Muddy' Logan River
Muddy River Bush Poetry’s name comes from the fact that the Logan River winds all through Logan and they are Logan’s Poets.

It is free to get in and spectators very welcome. Find out more details on facebook.com/Logan-Performance-Bush-Poets or call the Logan’s Poets Event Coordinator, Gerry, on 0499 942 922.

Logan Performance Bush Poets