Watching Our Garden Grow

Planting Day
Planting Day at the Yarrabilba Community Garden

Planting Day At The Community Garden

Last Saturday, June 20, Yarrabilba Connect held a Planting Day at the Community Garden on the Shaw Street Oval. This was a very successful event for the Yarrabilba Community Garden Users who have been an online and in-garden group since November 2017.
20 locals of all ages showed up to get their hands in the soil and plant everything from passion fruit to bok choy, and parsley to tomato seedlings! The 15 different plant seedlings and cuttings were all donated by community members, and lovingly planted in the ground-level and raised beds. As an extra bonus, marigold seeds were also planted to attract bees to help with pollination in the Spring.

Yarrabilba Community Garden
Bill and Tash tending to the Yarrabilba Community Garden

Tash Dev, a member of the Yarrabilba Community Association Board, along with local green-thumbs Bill and Cat have been the driving force in keeping the garden maintained and ready for planting. Cat has a wealth of knowledge about plants and works with local supermarkets to collect left-over green waste to go into the compost bins, and according to Tash, “Bill is a HUGE part of our garden and we would be lost without him as he is our compost man.”
Tash added that everyone is welcome to use the Community Garden. It can be a quiet place to read or think, a social outing, a place to meet new friends, a chance to learn a new skill or share knowledge, a place to get a healthy snack, and a place to put excess plants that are crowding your personal garden beds. Everyone is welcome to pick and plant what they would like and are encouraged to try something new while there.
Everyone is welcome to come along and get involved, whether to water the plants, pull out weeds or dig a new garden bed, there is always something to do
The Yarrabilba Community Garden Users have planned June/July school holiday activities, and the best way to get all the information is to follow the Yarrabilba Community Garden Users Facebook page and get involved!