The Logan Village Markets Are Back!

Graham Meets A Few Of The Stallholders

Logan Regional Market
First Day back for the Logan Regional Market on the Village Green

Half way through June, the Logan Village Regional Markets started up once again. Our ‘roving reporter’ and local resident Graham Vayro, went along for a visit and met a few of the stallholders: “I visited Georgina Magill at a stall called ‘Little Bit of SID’. It was Georgina’s first time at the Logan Village Markets and she said it has a good feel. She has recently moved to Logan and is just happy to be out after the restrictions. Georgina sells a wide range of Hand-made unique earrings of Polymer Clay. “Every product is artistic and different,” she said.

Georgina Magill
Georgina Magill with her stall called ‘Little Bit of SID’

“The Markets are operated by Logan Regional Chamber of Commerce, with the aim of supporting small business. Chamber of Commerce President, Cheryl Pridham was enjoying the sunshine whilst also patrolling to ensure social distancing. Arwen McGregor tended the Chamber’s stall with Kerry Menck – all rugged up!

Chamber of Commerce Stall-d-1
Chamber of Commerce President, Cheryl Pridham with Arwen & Kerry Menck

Christine Foster was operating ‘Donuts on Wheels’ which is a new business and only the fourth time out. On Saturday mornings she is often at the corner of Wharf Street which she says has been a good location for her. She puts the flavour throughout the donut so you don’t lose it all after the first bite. She also makes ‘Oddballs’ which are a cinnamon flavor and come in odd shapes, hence the name. Christine previously worked at Woolworths and is looking forward to getting a van for ‘Donuts on Wheels’ which will be bright orange in colour.

Christine Foster
Christine Foster with her stall ‘Donuts on Wheels’

Christine’s Donuts are being enjoyed by Celia (Mum), Frances (Daughter) Powell, and Logan Village residents whilst waiting in the Thom and Ann’s coffee queue. Celia comes to the Markets every month and she said it’s just nice to be out on such a beautiful day. She is currently working from home but usually travels to the city so this makes a nice break.”

Celia (Mum) and Frances (Daughter) Powell
Celia (Mum) and Frances (Daughter) Powell enjoying the donuts
Thom and Ann’s coffee van
Barista Fiona serving coffee from well-known Yarrabilba’s Thom and Ann’s coffee van

Graham hopes to feature some more stallholders in the next edition … stayed tuned!

Leanne Lappin and Richard Winebierg
Leanne Lappin and Richard Winebierg tend stall ‘Tasty Treats Confectionary’
Liane's Dreams
Liane’s Dreams