Charging For Your Art

Albatross Checks Out ‘The Artist’s Price’

Ever thought about how hard it is to price your Art? Let’s take a look at how that sh*t works. Firstly, it’s always been your friends and family that have seen your artwork and told you how good it is. You’ve grown used to their approval and the value someone else has put on your Artwork.
It’s time to break away from that comfort zone and learn to value your own work, no one else can do that for you, it’s time to grow a pair of cojones. We’ve all seen paint thrown all over a wall with a ridiculous price tag on it just to show you… it’s not about Talent but Marketing. Firstly, get over yourself, by that I mean thinking you’re not good enough no one will buy it or .. your work is so good everyone’s going to buy it, neither is true. The only thing that will sell your Art is understanding its place, service and value in the community and marketplace and getting it there.
Take yourself out of the equation and look at your work as a product not your most amazing and precious never to be repeated one of a kind etc etc yes YOU CAN put a price on it and YES YOU CAN sell it the only thing getting in the way is YOU. Once you detach from the creative process you’ll be in a much better position to look at your work objectively and start evaluating what your costs were in its production (as opposed to creation) and what formula to use for pricing.
Here’s one that works for me: 1. Take the square inch total and multiply it by a set dollar amount covering costs + markup. 2. Optional: Round the total down or up, i.e. $1920 becomes $1900. Colour work priced higher per area than black and white, oils being more expensive than pencil work for instance. Hopefully this will help you value your work and get pricing for sale.
Tattoos as well can also be priced using this method, height by width, colour or black and grey, minimal or high detail. give it a try and ROCK YOUR ART WORLD!


Here’s one of my Portrait Tattoos, waiting for his second session but still looking wicked even after a single hit.
Stay Chill, Albatross

Zoo Tattoo
Zoo Tattoo

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