Reclaim Ownership Of Your Mind


Albatross Examines ‘The Artist’s Block’

Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. If you’re focussed on ‘being blocked’ you’ll make it worse. Instead take a different approach if your routine is not doing it for you, break out and find another approach. Reconfigure your studio, set up somewhere else, instead of using brushes use a palette knife, instead of sculpting tools use cutlery, instead of working on ‘that’ project, work on a side project and ease into ‘that’ project from a tangent. Maybe you’re just getting all ego about what you’re doing in which case you’re too much in your head and disconnecting from intuition, stop thinking you’re so damn good and come back down to earth, check out some truly incredible artist’s in your field, humble yourself and get grounded.
It’s a Billboard telling you to take the trash out! We are constantly bombarded with intense programming, information that numbs our natural sense of perception, our creative mind needs space and time to process, digest and incubate. If an idea is a seed and you keep dumping trash on it, don’t expect it to grow. Turn your phone off, disconnect from social media and reclaim ownership of your own mind and nourish seeds of creativity with space and time.
Creativity is an intuitive part of human nature, we all have it whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s in you. A cycle of nature, as the tide goes out we trust it will come back in and so it is with creativity it ebbs and flows like water, it’s ridiculous to think you can control it, instead, let go of ego, learn to surf and enjoy the ride!
Set the scene and begin without fighting it in your head, just trust the process even if you’re feeling uninspired turn the battle off like a channel on the Tel-lie-vision that’s not taking you anywhere good, let go and let it flow.
I do a little studio photography, here’s one of Aaron I took recently Till next time, stay Chill.

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