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Q&A With Division 4 Cr LAURIE KORANSKI

Cr Laurie Koranski's Q&As
Q&As with Cr Laurie Koranski

Q1. Where did you go to school?
I was an inaugural student at Marsden State School. At age nine my parents packed up our Marsden home, sold everything we owned and embarked on a year-long adventure to the four corners of Australia. I had the time of my life and to this day I look back on our epic Aussie adventure with great fondness. We returned from our trip to settle in Camp Cable Road where I attended Jimboomba State School.
With no local high schools in the area I travelled by yellow double decker bus to and from Beaudesert High School each day. I was then off to University where I attained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in media studies.

Q2. What was your first job out of school?
Those who have lived in the local area for a number of years would remember Mad Max’s Video Store. I loved this job. I worked part-time at the video store while putting myself through University. This is where I met my husband Andrew who worked in the dental practice next door.

Q3. How did you meet your husband?
Next door to the video library where I worked was a small dental practice. The young dentist who owned the practice often popped in to hire movies. He had dreadful taste in films but won me over when he organised for thousands of balloons to fill the video store when my boss returned to work after a serious motor vehicle accident. He completely won me over with this incredibly kind and fun gesture. We were married a couple of years later in Mundoolun church.

Q4. So you worked in the dental practice with your husband?
I worked with Andrew in the dental practice for two decades. We were very proud of the service we offered to the local community and our incredible staff. We sold the practice in 2016 – the same year I was first elected to Logan City Council.

Q5. Tell us about your kids?
Andrew and I are very proud parents to 17 year old twins Angie and Alex. Both are in year 12 at Canterbury College. Angie loves to sing and can often be spotted out and about performing at local events, restaurants etc. Alex works at McDonalds in Yarrabilba and is madly saving up to buy his first car.

Q6. How did it feel winning the election
with more than an 80% margin?
Nothing about this election was “normal”. The election was off the back of Council going into administration and COVID-19. Then it took a long time for the Electoral Commission to confirm the results. I felt very privileged to have had so many members of the community vote for me.

Q7. How is it to be part of the new Council?
I’m delighted to be Logan City Council’s Division 4 Councillor once again. I am also delighted to be working with a great bunch of people.
Logan’s new Councillors are intelligent, motivated, energetic and creative. They all come from different backgrounds which make us stronger as a whole. I’m optimistic about the City’s future with the Mayor and Councillors all united in a common vision to serve our community.

By Cr Laurie Koranski
Division 4