‘Do You Speak Science?’

TV Science Show Films Locally

Scope Crew & Graham
Glen Armstrong (Camera Man), Graham Vayro (Amateur Radio Enthusiast), Stephanie Frick (Presenter/Interviewer), & Peter Tumini (Sound Technician)

SCOPE is a TV Science Show on on Ten Peach (Channel 11) which covers the weird and the wonderful, exploring where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and asking the question ‘how does that work?’, while taking a closer look at science in the world around us and even inside us!
The fifth series is hosted by ‘Science Whizzes’ Lee Constable and Isla Nakano, who adventure through a different scientific theme each week, travelling through time and space, into tiny or digital worlds, speaking to a range of experts and scientists, giving their own unique view of the scientific world.

Show Host Isla Nakano with ‘science’
Scope Show Host Isla Nakano with ‘science’
In the studio with Scope Show Host Isla Nakano
In the studio with Scope Show Host Isla Nakano

In Series 5, Episode 46 – ‘Do You Speak Science?’, Professor Orange has taken over SCOPE! The Scope producers go on a search to find ways to communicate their plans to take back the show from the evil professor – using science!
The episode looks at radio communication, code breaking and more! This is where local resident, Graham Vayro, comes in! Graham, amateur radio enthusiast (as featured in May’s edition of the Yarrabilba Bulletin), offered his knowledge about the communication type and provided use of his radio station to film a part of the episode.

In The Radio Station with Graham Vayro & Stephanie Frick
Graham Vayro and Stephanie Frick in the ‘Radio Station’

Graham tells what happened on the day:
“I volunteered to provide my Amateur radio station when the Brisbane Amateur Radio club was approached by the Scope program to film a special about ‘communication’. The team of three, presenter, Camera operator and light operator, arrived at about 9:30am and filmed on and off until 11:30am. They had a portable LED light that was very bright, and caused me to squint quite a bit.
First, the presenter stepped down the garden steps and looked up at my masts and antennas, whilst turning a full circle. Later the cameraman took film of the same thing also rotating a full circle. It was interesting to see the reason after they had edited the film to make the show, and it appeared to show what she was seeing as she turned a full circle. I called up a local Amateur, Norm, and spoke to him about the show, then put the Presenter on the microphone to also have a few words to Norm. I don’t think that was part of the final cut although they filmed a lot of that conversation.
I also sent a segment of morse code using a hand key and I don’t think that was added to the final show either. The final was something like 10 minutes of film showing my station, after some 2 hours of filming! The Presenter was very helpful and explained the questions she wanted to ask and an idea of the answers she wanted to get. It was not scripted however and all answers were off the cuff and impromptu. It was an interesting experience to be filmed and interviewed for National TV.”

Scope Crew & Graham
Amateur Radio Enthusiast, Graham Vayro, with Show Presenter/Interviewer, Stephanie Frick ,and Camera Man, Glen Armstrong, outside Graham’s Radio Station’

The ‘Scope’ crew thanked Graham for his help with the story for the ‘Communication Science’ episode saying they couldn’t have done it without his help!
The Series 5, Episode 46 – ‘Do You Speak Science?’ – aired on Sunday 10th May 2020 at 9:30am on Ten Peach (11), and is available to watch online at: http://tenplay.com.au/channel-eleven/scope.

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Thanks Graham for sharing your ‘ten minutes’ of fame!