Brett Quit And Changed His Life

Nikki & Brett Family
Family time is my ‘why’. This is the reason I started this business to begin with.

Life Changing Personal Development Courses

For the last 30+ Years I have worked in the Hotel & Hospitality industry starting as an Apprentice chef at the age of 15.
The long hours and hot kitchens got the better of me, I thought things had to be better in front of the house. I returned to my studies in Hotel Management. While studying I work as a barman. This allowed me the ability to travel the world with my craft. Throughout my 20’s I worked and traveled the world. I never stayed put long enough to climb the corporate ladder but was enjoying life.
In 2000 I met Nikki and everything changed. We had an awesome overseas adventure, then returned to Melbourne, got married, had two boys and settled into the suburban lifestyle. In 2010, Nikki and I, looking for a better lifestyle moved to Brisbane. But the long hours of our corporate jobs and stress of living week to week was insane and not fun at all.

Brett by the Poolside
My office can be anywhere. Love sitting by the pool working.

I knew there was a better option out there…..
Then I found it. I now work with a community that offers a world class income opportunity & award winning Personal Development courses to men and women in more than 100 countries around the world.
Our product line up is Personal Development / Leadership Development. We’ve developed Award Winning Online Courses & host life-changing Leadership Development events in exotic locations around the world. If you can’t make it to a live event, you can always tap into the online version!
People who get involved with our community tend to have an interest in their own growth and development & appreciate the supportive & positive vibe of our community. An opportunity to draw upon support and make friends with like-minded people from right around the world.
I work with professionals, stay at home mums and dads, coaches, business owners & other qualified candidates who are ready to reap the rewards of business ownership.

Brett on Quad Bike
Work hard and play hard. This business gives me the financial and time freedom to enjoy the fun things in life.

With the world currently in lockdown running my online business and being connected to our business community keeps both mind and body focused, happy and healthy.
If you’re looking for business that requires no work and no investment, then this opportunity is probably not for you. We work with people who are at a point in their lives where they are ready to take 100% responsibility for their results.

For more information then please reach out via our webpage.
By Brett Hutson