Being Content With Our Lives

What Have We Learned From Isolation?

While we were in strict isolation, I had to go to Beaudesert for a medical appointment. As nice as Yarrabilba is, it was good to get out and go for a drive through the countryside. The afternoon sun slanted through the trees, and everything looked beautiful. My husband and I felt like kids let out of school. I enjoyed that trip very much. Why? Because for weeks we had been confined to home.
That got me thinking about freedom. When I could go wherever I wanted, I went out often but appreciated it only a little. But being limited about where we could go, caused me to greatly appreciate my little trip to Beaudesert. Sometimes the less we have, the more we appreciate what we do have.

Look at children and presents for example. You have probably seen children receive many presents and seem ungrateful for them. Having more does not always make us happy. Talk to someone who just ate too much dessert and they will probably say, “I wish I hadn’t eaten that much!”. It can also be true for possessions. Owning more things, like clothes, gadgets, furniture, toys and devices, gives you more to look after, and may not make you feel any happier or more fulfilled. Contentment comes when we are satisfied with what we do have, whether it’s a lot or a little. Why not think about what you have and consider if you use everything you own. If not, perhaps you could clear space and give it to someone who needs it.

Another question to consider is, what have you learnt from your time in isolation? For me, I learnt that having the freedom to go where I like means that I often go out for trivial reasons and waste time and money.
Having less freedom has made me more grateful for what I have, and more content. What insights have you gained during this time that you can take forward with you into the future?
By Susan Alexander (Local Resident & Inspirational Writer)