Addiction For Inspiration


Albatross Explores ‘The Artist’s Trip’

Inspiration: The Buzzfest.
Whether it’s a musician or magician, we Artist’s typically push boundaries to breaking point to gain insights and instigate change. Boundaries and conditions unchallenged, untested, uninterrupted become familiar, too familiar, monotonous, tedious, predictable, boring! I’m Albatross, let’s take an Artist’s trip
Finding Inspiration.
If our heads are the fishbowl, our mind becomes the goldfish swimming around in circles day after month after year after decades. When there’s a spark, that shaft of light that triggers your brain into a buzzfest on some really cool lyrics, in a song, a line in a movie, an Actor, maybe it’s just a Tshirt or a blue bottle. This is what inspiration is, a buzzfest in your mind and through your body. That buzz of inspiration regardless of the source is a Treasure, glimmering, glowing in the darkness, in the noise and chaos of our inner world. Grab it! who knows what magic can come from that once it’s fed.
Feeding Inspiration.
Like rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp, once you’ve identified the source of that spark, it’s time to cultivate it. Learn as much as you can about that one thing, it’s history, origins, how it works, what it needs to exist. Now, how can you use or reproduce that buzz, maybe find more of it and start feeding that blast of inspiration. Once you’ve captured it now it’s time to make it work for you so you can apply that inspiration to your life in whatever way you chose. This might be, a room in your house at a certain time of day when the light floods in, that’s when you make a point of being in that room and arranging it to capitalise on the light.
It might be a song that gets your mind into feel good thought waves, find more from that Artist and get that playlist happening while you start on a new project. Feed the Buzz!
Vibing on some Blues, I’m feeling inspired to… design my next Tattoo! Till next time, stay Chill.

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